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GoalieVision Recruitment Consulting

Looking to continue your hockey career?

GoalieVision is thrilled to introduce Recruitment Consulting and Mentorship services, designed for both players and goalies looking to advance their hockey careers. Whether you're eyeing college play at the ACHA, DIII, DII, or DI level, or considering the path of junior hockey, let us guide you through the process.

Our personalized services cover a spectrum of essential steps, from crafting a list of ideal programs to learning how to connect with coaches, composing impactful emails, and refining gameplay video to send out. GoalieVision's Recruitment Consulting and Mentorship are tailored to empower you to make informed decisions and maximize your potential on and off the ice.


Recruitment Consulting and Mentorship

60 Minute Phone Call

- 1 on 1 Consulting
- Discuss future goals
- Answer questions
- Form personalized email template
- Video tips and tricks
- Advise next steps


Monthly Recruitment Mentorship

- Mentorship with Madisyn
- Walk through the recruitment process together
- Four 30-minute phone calls
- Email Template Package
- Unlimited email contact
with Madisyn
- Video tips and tricks


Beginners Workshop

- Group Zoom Call Workshop
- Discuss Opportunities
- Recruitment Action Plan
- Create a list of programs
- How to find coach contacts
- Email Template Package
- Video tips and tricks
- Q & A


Madisyn's Experience

Started the Recruitment Process

Got the Attention of Coaches

Committed & Signed NCAA D1

I began my recruitment process when I was in 8th grade knowing that I wanted to play NCAA Division 1 Hockey. I started by forming lists of schools I wanted to attend, creating email templates, editing videos, and everything in between. I continued doing this through June 15th after my Sophomore year when I could finally talk to coaches.

I was lucky enough to have several NCAA Division 1 programs reach out, but the work didn't stop there. With limited spots available for 2024 goalies already and then adding the Covid 5th years on top of that, I struggled to find a spot. However, I kept working. 5,000 emails and over 50 gameplay videos later, I started to get more attention from schools.

One of my longtime NCAA D1 dream schools reached out to me at the end of my Junior year. I was recruited by them for several months as they watched my tournament games, invited me out for a summer camp, and had many phone calls. They offered me a 2024 roster spot, and I jumped at the opportunity. I verbally committed in September 2023 and signed my Letter of Commitment in November 2023.

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