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About The Company

With GoalieVision, I believe in the power of video coaching to transform goaltenders' understanding and performance on the ice. My company name reflects the core concept behind my approach. I recognize that many subtle aspects of a goaltender's game often go unnoticed while in the heat of the action. GoalieVision aims to provide a fresh perspective by allowing goaltenders to gain a better vision of themselves through video analysis. It is only when you take a step back and watch your own play that you can truly comprehend your strengths and areas for improvement.

The motivation behind founding GoalieVision was to overcome the challenges and limitations of in-person goalie coaching. Traditional methods can be costly, time-consuming, and logistically complex. However, with video coaching, the process becomes accessible and convenient. You can engage in coaching sessions from the comfort of your own home or anywhere, really. By simply sending me your game film, I can provide personalized coaching and guidance tailored to your unique needs.

With GoalieVision, I am dedicated to helping goaltenders reach their full potential by leveraging the power of video coaching. Join me on this innovative journey, where improving your game is just a click away.


Taleah Murray

Goalie Mom

"GoalieVision helped my son improve his skills tremendously! The feedback was so specific and detailed that he was able to put it into action right away. He watches the coaching videos on game days to get his reminders and it has improved his game significantly!"


Goalie - Preds Select

"Madisyn did a great job pointing out corrections and explaining them in detail in an informative way that makes sense. She was very kind with her recommendations, and also complimentary of the things I did well. Her review of my game video was helpful because her advice will help me improve my game performance. I am sure that GoalieVision will help me to be a better goalie."

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