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GoalieVision Insight Series

Mastering The Crease

Description and Cost

Welcome to the GoalieVision Insight Series: Mastering the Crease. This immersive video series is designed to empower goaltenders with in-depth knowledge and practical techniques for elevating their performance between the pipes. Delve into five essential goaltending topics – Butterfly Technique, Glove Blocker & Stick Saves, Angles and Net Coverage, Post Play, and Stick-handling – all brought to life through real-life demonstrations.

In each video, you'll find yourself right alongside me in the net, as I guide you through every critical step of the process. Witness firsthand how to execute key movements and strategies that form the foundation of successful goaltending. From refining your butterfly technique to perfecting your stick-handling skills, this series offers a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing your abilities.

Choose your access to the GoalieVision Insight Series:

  • Individual Access: Unlock all five videos for a one-time purchase of $15

  • Monthly Package (Sessions): Includes unlimited access to the full series and any other content added in the future + 4 available voice-over reviews $60

To purchase, fill out the Session Order Form and select "Insight Series" or "Monthly Package". All payments are made via Venmo or Cash App. 

More Info:

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